FMC cloaks an R9T to create a ‘Storm’

I was commissioned by a client to build an aircraft inspired, fully shrouded R9T. All parts are one of hand made from aluminium and stainless steel. The hydraulic master cylinders are mounted under the tank, controlled via cables by reverse levers. Clutch, brake, throttle cable and wiring were all hidden in the bars. Rear brake master cylinder was modified to function inboard of fairing. To achieve the bottom silhouette, the exhaust is contained in front of the engine, exiting on the bottom on either side. For engine cooling purpose the hot air is vented through multiple holes on the bottom and one in front of the rear wheel. There are also vents on top of the tank to prevent hot air from pooling inside the fairing, which adds up to double the outlet vs. inlet area. Oil cooler was moved to rear of left foot peg, enclosed in an inlet scoop. A 5” fan is added and ducted to vent out the bottom in order to aid in cooling. All electrical components are enshrouded and fed cold air from around headlight, via a ducted fan, keeping a positive pressure and preventing hot air entering. All parts are one of hand made from aluminium and stainless steel, including foot controls, reveres levers and indicator lenses made from screw driver handle. Suspension and motor is all standard R9T. I thank the Lord for my blessings and give Him all the Glory for this build. Bike is now up for sale Click thumbnail to enlarge